Supermicro X13 for AI


Supermicro's X13 family includes a wide range of systems perfect for AI workloads. Systems with GPU and SuperBlade offer maximum power for training generative AI, large language models, and computer vision, while rack-mount systems like Hyper and CloudDC can be configured for AI inference from the data center to the intelligent edge using GPU acceleration or the accelerators built into the new 5th generation Intel Xeon processors.

Supermicro's comprehensive rack integration services can help our customers build large-scale HPC and AI clusters, optimized for the best performance and efficiency. We can design, integrate, validate and deliver L11 and L12 rack solutions optimized for our customers' specific workloads, ready to go from day one. Additionally, Supermicro offers liquid cooling solutions with direct-to-chip liquid cooling for both CPUs and GPUs, which not only allows X13 systems to operate at full power, but also helps reduce total cost of ownership through faster cooling. efficient.